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Africa (50 articles)
Tut's gem hints at space impact tomb in the V. of the Kings
Hatshepsut mummy found in Egypt
"King Tut Curse" Caused by Tomb Toxins?
Human ancestors
Could Ethiopian skull be missing link?
Tooth gives up oldest human DNA
Door 'to the thereafter'
First fossils originated in Siberia?
Footprints to Fill
Asia (57 articles)
Ancient Persian drawing found in Afghan Buddhist cave
Birds ancestor found
Mayan Pyramid-like Buildings Found in China
Indonesia, Bangladesh and surroundings
Bangladesh discovers ancient fort city
Bone of Hobbit-like species uncovered
Scientists link tools to ancient ‘hobbits’
India, Sri Lanka
Bridge between India and SriLanka
Tsunami reveals a town's ancient ruins
Existence of under-sea temple claimed
Buddhist scrolls may be missing link
Afghanistan's Bamiyan
Bones ... Chatham Islands.
Hanoi’s ancient citadel unearthed ...
The Oldest Primate Fossil Ever Discovered
Australian researchers back hobbit claims
Ancient Human Footprints Uncovered in Australia
Ancient Aboriginal site found in north-west Qld
Did humans wipe out Australia's big beasts?
DNA traces Aboriginal Australian history
Fossil mounds may be oldest life on Earth
Hobbit may be earliest Australian
Humans cause ecosystem collapse in ancient Australia
Human Ice Age prints found in Australia
Oz fossil sheds light on mankind's evolution
Rats, not men, to blame for death of Easter Island
Timor cave may reveal how humans reached Australia
Central america
Clues to Mayans' 'fall of Rome' Maya tomb
Lost Maya Ruins discovered by NASA
Europe (87 articles)
Human ancestors
DNA ... Neanderthal genome
Keros mystery cracked
Italians find 1 million year old homind
Bisexual Viking Linked to Seahenge
Treasure hunters find possible Viking burial boat
Anthropologists hail Romania fossil find
Astronomer's work found on Roman statue
Stone Age, prehistoric man
Adapt To Colder Climates
European origins debate
Fossils Reveal Flying Prehistoric Giants
Darwin, Newton, Da Vinci, Einstein
'Da Vinci Code' Touch
Remains of Darwin's ship may lie under Essex mud
Student unearths Einstein paper
Stonehenges, other henges
Stonehenge builders' houses found
Henges years older than pyramids
"King" of Stonehenge may have been Swiss
New glacier theory on Stonehenge
Europe's Oldest Civilisation
Israel (20 articles)
Ark of the Covenant's discovery imminent?
Cave of John the Baptist' as important...
Dead Sea Scrolls dig up controversy
Jesus 'healed using cannabis'
John the Baptist' cave near Jerusalem
...prehistoric cave in Israel
Rare Scrolls Reveal Early Biblical Writing
Turin Shroud 'confirmed as fake'
Mesoamerica (20 articles)
Earliest Mayan writing found
Experts Uncover Ancient Mayan Remains
Mayan underwolrd proves ...
Ancient pyramid found in Mexico
Olmec trade controversy
Secrets of old mask still hidden, duo say
Mesopotamia (21 articles)
Noah´s ark ...has found the ark
Mt Ararat "anomaly"
Where Did Noah Park the Ark?
Danish Archaeologists in Search of Vikings in Iran
Bronze age civilization that predates ancient Mesopotamia
French archeologists find Marcus Aurelius 'head'
North america (33 articles)
Prehistoric animals
Diamonds: Long-Dead Sea Creatures?
Man may have caused pre-historic extinctions
Mega-Fauna mystery
Craters and meteors
Comets blasted early americas
Meteorite struck Wisconsin long ago
Mystery at Meteor Crater
Headless bodies found at pyramid
Geologist digs up secrets of evolution's '
Lost Chinese city on the Atlantic
The Mysterious Mima Mounds
Other: mass exctinctions, prehistoric humans and animals (33 articles)
Mass exctinction
Australian meteor caused mass extinction
Meteor found in Antarctica killed 90% species
Prehistoric animals
Fossil may be missing evolutionary link
"Great Dying" linked to Volcanism
Researchers discover two new dinosaur fossils in Antarctica
Carved stone still mystifies scholars
Human genes still evolving
Humans Eat Giant Lemur to Extinction
Explosions in Space ...
NIST-Led Research De-mystifies Origins of ‘Junk’ DNA’
Paleoamericans origins
Early north american civilizations
The first american
Paleoamerican Origins
The Paleoamericans
Rewriting History Of Early North American Man
Seafaring clue to first Americans
South america (17 articles)
Peru's Sacred City Of Caral
First Inca Word Emerges
First Inca Word Emerges
'Brazilian Stonehenge' discovered
Giant figures unearthed in Peru
Old Canals Found in Peru
Old temples in Peru