Scientists Find Ancient Mammoth


Apr. 10 (ABC7) — Scientists in southern California are pouring over a remarkable discovery: the fossil remains of a well-preserved wooly mammoth that could be the oldest in the area.

A construction crew unearthed the bones in what's destined to be a subdivision in Moorpark, California. As paleontologists dig deeper, they say the skeleton of the mammoth appears complete and could date back two million years.

Mark Roeder, paleontologist: "We just don't see these kinds of things very often, and even though we're putting in long hours, it's really exciting to see the bones and how complete they are."

Mammoth bones found in LA's La Brea tar pits are only about 40,000-years-old.

Scientists say the two million year old Moorpark mammoth could provide new clues to the environment of prehistoric California.