Teotihuacan tombs found during Mexico dig

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July 29 2005 at 04:53PM

Mexico City - Mexican archaeologists who were carrying out exploratory digs came upon a pre-Hispanic domestic altar and three tombs in an area near the famed Teotihuacan pyramids, 50km north-east of Mexico City.

The National Anthropology and History Institute (INAH) said on Wednesday that the discoveries were made in the central marketplace of San Juan Teotihuacan, a town located two kilometres from the Teotihuacan site.

The altar, measuring one metre by 25cm, is from approximately 450 AD, the age of splendour of Teotihuacan, a magnificent city with thousands of structures, among them the Sun and Moon pyramids and the Passageway of the Dead.

Archaeologists also unearthed ceramic ware and the remains of four infants inside vases, a youth and an adult.

The excavations were the first to be carried out in the Teotihuacan marketplace, which has been used as a market for more than a hundred years. But archaeologists had found some pre-Hispanic remains nearby, which led them to order the preliminary digging. - Sapa-dpa