First fossils originated in Siberia?


Geologists at the Universities of Florida and Kansas said Wednesday the first animals to appear in the fossil record may have originated in Siberia.

The two-year study that produced the findings will be published next week in the online edition of the London Journal of the Geological Society.

Trilobites, primitive shelled creatures many believed originated the first fossils, first appeared millions of years before the first fossil, the study said.

Geologists Joe Meert of the University of Florida and Bruce Lieberman of the University of Kansas believe the trilobites were born as a continent broke off from a super-continent at the South Pole and moved north.

They said the findings suggest that the trilobites, forbearers of crabs and lobsters, originated in present-day Siberia when it was a separate continent from Asia and located much further south.

Siberia at the time -- it wasn't as cold and desolate place as it is today, Meert said. It was in a better place (in the southern hemisphere) but it's interesting you can trace